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Marta Tara Devi

(aka Purusha) happily lives and works in Vienna as a certified yoga & meditation teacher, educator, model and musician. She is mother of three daughters, Co-Founder of OM*YEAH and ONE Yoga Academy Austria. She holds a master's degree in Economics and Business, but much prefers working on a level of yogic energy management. Marta is happiest when she can spend time somewhere new, preferably at the beach. Besides continuous research in the field of yoga, she counts music, travel and collecting playing cards among her greatest passions.

Georg Abraham Demmer

Musician and sound healer (aka Braham). Passionate about nature, wellness and yoga. Lives and works in Vienna since 1983. Former music therapist at Haus der Künstler in Gugging. Former member of Jewish Choir of Vienna and Porcelain Hip. Drummer of Space Huren Geschwader. Event producer and managing director of agency GADconUnited Echo label. Co-Founder of OM*YEAH and chairman of the supporting non-profit association Rundum, which was originally founded as a sauna project. Photo ︎︎︎ David Payr

Katrin Spiegel

is a singer-songwriter, vocalist, freelance musician, composer, actress and artist. As a singer and songwriter she finds her way in a world without any stylistic borders. With her love for details, her warm voice and moving melodies, Katrin leaves the audience space for interpretation and time to relax. Through her vocal coaching and sound healing sessions, she is guiding us to express ourselves in the most natural and profound way, just by simply bringing us back the magic of the actual moment. Katrin is also intensively devoted to the field of ecologically and socially sustainable artist & event management and very passionate about DIY, upcycling and interior design.

Theta Tea

is a Theta Healing teacher, therapist and musician. Using theta brain waves, she spent most of her days in meditation, collecting knowledge from different planes of existence, experiencing the true power of the Universe. She loves using crystals, aromatherapy and other magical recipes during her healing sessions. Keen to be very connected with nature, she believes we can learn a lot from trees and animals, if we only tune our intuition to observe, listen and witness the creative energy to heal. Inspired by yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and sound healing, she is excited to unveil and share the power of vibrations through her music, workshops and therapy sessions.

Lana Sharp

is a musician, healer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and artist. Her personal journey through the underworld has revealed her medicine. Now she uses these tools to help others navigate their healing work. Lana heals through music, coaching, plant communication, shared flow states, holding of the space, ritual magic, performance art and voice work. Lana lives and works in San Francisco, Vienna and Portugal. Currently based at NAU, a commune country club project in Lobau, Vienna.

Sara Moana

is an actress, comedian, human-empowerer, healer, yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and singer. During a dark time of her life she experienced various forms of addictions, from anorexia to drugs. She feels very grateful to have experienced the depth of this human experience, it gave her a superpower to connect with her clients/students in a deeper way. Sara is happy to share with you what has helped her shine her light in the darkest places of this human experience. Her passion is bringing joy everywhere she goes and making healing joyful, sexy and sassy. “Seriousness is the #1 disease on this planet”. Through various tools she learned, she guides you deep, releasing shame and guilt that you are carrying for so many years, yes so many lifetimes so that you can authentically tap into your beautiful joy.

Noah Riemer

(aka Noah Monoton) is a human being, lives and works in Vienna as Reiki practitioner, musician and producer. He grew up near the beach, traveling with hippie parents and two brothers in a van. Music has always played a big role in his life. In his youth, he began to write own songs and played in different bands. Later he started producing a mix of electronic and acoustic music digitally. He is still active on both sides. Currently he is performing with the lovely art band project Space Huren Geschwader, solo as Noah Monoton, or in different collaborations, DJ mixes and live sets.

Salem Yogii

lives and works in Munich as personal coach and healing art teacher. As a child he realized his unconditional love towards everything. As his heart opened and guided him, he has travelled around the globe to learn from shamans, yogis and others masters of life. In 2017 he became a raw vegan foodist. With this healing diet he developed not only a strong mind but also other spiritual skills like tapping into the reservoir of unlimited energy and extending his love for anything and everyone. As an urban shaman he loves to share his wisdom on topics such as inner alchemy, lucid dreaming and dream interpretation, call and DNA renewal, breath-work, shamanic chakra journeys, Egyptian meditations, cold therapy, and the personal development of love and faith. „Real life begins when you start thinking with your heart“ - Salem Djebali, Co-Founder of GoHappyCoaching.

Naomi Hattler

is a yoga teacher, cacao space holder, and art student. She is fascinated by the potential of co-creation and joining forces to empower each other individually which brings a spirit of deep human connectedness into her classes and rituals. She guides you into a state of blissful self-trust, inspired by the powerful teachings of Kundalini yoga which she has studied at Matsya Yoga Academy. For her, ceremonial cacao is uniting the qualities of community connection and cultivating self–trust. The spaces she creates are relaxing, heart-opening and empowering. Originally from Germany, Naomi lives and works in her chosen home Vienna.

Marlene Zoebl

looks at life as a healing journey – a colourful experience with many facets that are to be explored. Her curiosity about life and her joy in working with the body led her to the path of yoga where she sees herself as both, student and teacher. As an astrology-enthusiast, healer, meditation guide and yoga teacher based in Vienna, she creates beautiful experiences that help you create a deeper connection to your inner light and intuitive knowing. She loves to draw inspiration from ancient wisdoms and techniques as well as plant medicine and her own inner worlds. Marlene is on a mission to empower others to take brave steps on their own healing journey.

Mimi Greenwood

 is a former singer songwriter with a big love for dance that found a passion in yoga and various forms of healing arts.
She is a mother of three and various pets that accompany her throughout life. She lives in and loves nature and developed a constant communication and interaction with all beings around her in her early childhood.
As her roots are deeply connected to Africa she shares a strong bond with her ancestors.  Mimi loves creating healing circles and holding a safe space for biwoc- black indigenous women of color.

Anima Atina

is unfolding and experiencing herself as DJ, musician, masseuse, spaceholder, wisdom weaver and keeper of the ancestral way. She is chairwoman of Nativa Ostara - an association committed to recover the ancestral ways of Europe, opening pathways for the dawning new age and building healthy relationships with life. She found herself very young questioning human made systems & realities. She found her guides in nature, mountains, plants and in the elements. This led her to the deep calling to study ancestral cultures and wisdom, alternative movements, peaceful rebellious projects and the will to participate in the awakening. Sitting around the fire with elders is her major inspiration and guidance for life.  “When we know where we came from, we know where we shall walk to.”

Antara Dakini

is Liberation Dance founder, founder of Moon Dance Austria Circle, Moon & Fire Dancer, yoga teacher and Oneness Deeksha trainer, intuitive healer, sweatlodge guide, Medicine Woman and mother. She is fully committed to the path of transformation, truth, growth and self-knowledge. Antara has received ancient knowledge at many sacred places, from ashrams to indigenous dance ceremonies, reconnecting her with her own wisdom, power and love. Since her youth, Antara has partaken in many dance traditions, deeply carrying the devotion to dance in her blood lineage. As a facilitator, Antara enters a deep field of energy and becomes an open channel for the Wisdom and Spirit Presence.

Markus Meznik

is a clown, musician, art therapist and yoga teacher who lives in Vienna and Burgenland. He enjoys playing as a clown in different environments like hospitals, retirement places or public spaces. Currently working for Clowns without borders and Caravan of humanity organizing clown shows for children in Libanese refugee camps. Since 2011, he is offering clown workshops in Austria and Germany. Markus loves to paint and has produced a serious amount of drawings and paintings in the last 25 years. In 2017, he studied at the „Vienna Academy of Visionary Art“. As a guitar player, Markus has played in different formations since 1996. He learned many songs which makes him a living karaoke box – a fact he tries to hide when people try to lure him into playing totally boring songs. Since January 2022, he is establishing a sustainable art community in Burgenland with some of his friends – and enjoying the sun.

Kathi Trattner

is an international yoga teacher (RYT400) and shiatsu practitioner in education. She firstly got in touch with yoga at the age of 16 which initiated a fascination with yoga that has never left her. Kathi’s passion for yoga, inspired her interest in other Far Eastern healing traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu, her second big passion. Today, Kathi loves to combine the philosophies of yoga and shiatsu to inspire her clients to live more healthy, loving and peaceful lives.

Giulia Vazzoler

is a dancer, singer, actress and certified Kundalini yoga teacher and gong practitioner. She was born and raised in Rome, where completed her studies at Accademia Nazionale di Danza. Her sacred triad are the breath, movement and sound which accompany her learning process, healing herself and others. Giulia loves the sea, which she calls her happy place. Besides traveling, music, languages and plant medicine rituals, she loves to explore the endless possibilities of the body's architecture. With her voice, the chanting of mantras, and the sacred sound of gong, singing bowls, shruti box and other instruments, she celebrates every full moon as the end of a cycle and the opening of new portals. “Following the Moon and the planets is just one way of reading the language of nature. We are all energy and sound vibrations interacting with each other.”


Lelama Sjamar

is an international Self Mastery teacher and Shamanic Sound & Light Channel, who ignites the Divine, God’s Presence within Life.  With the sacred languages of Love, Light & Creation, songlines of the Inner Earth, the Natural World, Universal Planes of Consciousness Lelama initiates, activates, transforms, empowers change, growth and evolution in energy and consciousness, in heart, mind and body, in soul and spirit of humanity, earth and all beings.
It is a unique experience to be touched by the Divine Voice of Lelama Sjamar, creating an unforgettable reverence and remembrance of love, sacredness, beauty, otherworldliness, and the true essence of what it means to be a Divine Being of Light, the New Human, the Creator of one’s Reality here on Earth.
Photo ︎︎︎Mariela Medina

Elena Tatarenkova

is dance teacher, performer, and organizer of dance and educational events for 13 years. Her passion for travel defines her lifestyle. She enjoys seeing the world and sharing her knowledge. Elena has been giving workshops and supporting events as a jury member in 20 countries already. Her dance journey went from capoeira over funk styles, diving into house and jazz dance, contemporary dance as well as yoga. And the journey still continues: “We are alive while we learn something new” is what she lives by. Elena understands creativity as a relationship you have with yourself. If this relationship is sincere and trusting, then you will be able to deeply touch others.



is a spiritual teacher and has taught thousands of people different meditation programs internationally since 1975. She holds an arts degree from Hamburg University, and is also one of the architects of Sri Sri Ravi Shankars Ashram in Bangalore. Ananda is also a visionary artist for mainly spiritual and religious subjects, and a singer. Her albums with peaceful, meditative chanting are used worldwide in spiritual centers, Yoga Centers and retreats. Ananda also founded the spiritual teaching of Shakti Yoga – the Path of Power, teaching programs for self-development together with Davor Vdovic and her trained teachers in different countries.

Davor Vdovic

For 30 years, Davor has been a dedicated student of different spiritual paths such as Transcendental Meditation, Shiva Yoga, Rebirthing, Reiki and the Art of Living. He met Dr. Deepak Chopra in 1990 and attended his seminars on Ayurveda. He is also an experienced rebirthing teacher. Davor has advised thousands of people over 30 years in Jyotish – Vedic Astrology, as well as Western Astrology. Since 2001, Davor combines in his consultations his expertise on the Trinity of Vedic knowledge: Ayurveda, Jyotish and Vastu (Indian Feng Shui). He has also advised many people on their partnerships in partner compatibility sessions. Davor is also a musician and the producer and arranger of Ananda Devis new CDs.

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