We are teachers, healers, djs and musicians. We care and work for the common good. Our service includes artist booking and consulting for studios, brands and events. Browse through our members for more info or contact us with any request!



Marta Ebner

(aka Purusha) happily lives and works in Vienna as a certified yoga & meditation teacher, educator, model and musician. She is mother of two daughters, Co-Founder of OM*YEAH and ONE Yoga Academy Austria. She holds a master's degree in Economics and Business, but much prefers working on a level of yogic energy management. Marta is happiest when she can spend time somewhere new, preferably at the beach. Besides continuous research in the field of yoga, she counts music, travel and collecting playing cards among her greatest passions.

Georg Demmer

Musician and sound healer (aka Braham). Passionate about nature, wellness and yoga. Lives and works in Vienna since 1983. Former music therapist at Haus der Künstler in Gugging. Former tenor at Jewish Choir of Vienna. Former band member of Porcelain Hip. Drummer of Space Huren Geschwader. Event producer and managing director of GADcon agency. Co-Founder of OM*YEAH and chairman of the supporting non-profit association Rundum, which was originally founded as a sauna project.

Katrin Spiegel

is a singer-songwriter, vocalist, freelance musician, composer, actress and artist. As a singer and songwriter she finds her way in a world without any stylistic borders. With her love for details, her warm voice and moving melodies, Katrin leaves the audience space for interpretation and time to relax. Through her vocal coaching and sound healing sessions, she is guiding us to express ourselves in the most natural and profound way, just by simply bringing us back the magic of the actual moment. Katrin is also intensively devoted to the field of ecologically and socially sustainable artist & event management and very passionate about DIY, upcycling and interior design.

Theta Tea

is a Theta Healing teacher, therapist and musician. Using theta brain waves, she spent most of her days in meditation, collecting knowledge from different planes of existence, experiencing the true power of the Universe. She loves using crystals, aromatherapy and other magical recipes during her healing sessions. Keen to be very connected with nature, she believes we can learn a lot from trees and animals, if we only tune our intuition to observe, listen and witness the creative energy to heal. Inspired by yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and sound healing, she is excited to unveil and share the power of vibrations through her music, workshops and therapy sessions.

Lana Sharp

is a musician, healer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and artist. Her personal journey through the underworld has revealed her medicine. Now she uses these tools to help others navigate their healing work. Lana heals through music, coaching, plant communication, shared flow states, holding of the space, ritual magic, performance art and voice work. Lana lives and works in San Francisco, Vienna and Portugal. Currently based at NAU, a commune country club project in Lobau, Vienna.

Sara Moana

is an actress, comedian, human-empowerer, healer, yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and singer. During a dark time of her life she experienced various forms of addictions, from anorexia to drugs. She feels very grateful to have experienced the depth of this human experience, it gave her a superpower to connect with her clients/students in a deeper way. Sara is happy to share with you what has helped her shine her light in the darkest places of this human experience. Her passion is bringing joy everywhere she goes and making healing joyful, sexy and sassy. “Seriousness is the #1 disease on this planet”. Through various tools she learned, she guides you deep, releasing shame and guilt that you are carrying for so many years, yes so many lifetimes so that you can authentically tap into your beautiful joy.

Noah Riemer

(aka Noah Monoton) is a human being, lives and works in Vienna as Reiki practitioner, musician and producer. He grew up near the beach, traveling with hippie parents and two brothers in a van. Music has always played a big role in his life. In his youth, he began to write own songs and played in different bands. Later he started producing a mix of electronic and acoustic music digitally. He is still active on both sides. Currently he is performing with the lovely art band project Space Huren Geschwader, solo as Noah Monoton, or in different collaborations, DJ mixes and live sets.

Salem Yogii

lives and works in Munich as personal coach and healing art teacher. As a child he realized his unconditional love towards everything. As his heart opened and guided him, he has travelled around the globe to learn from shamans, yogis and others masters of life. In 2017 he became a raw vegan foodist. With this healing diet he developed not only a strong mind but also other spiritual skills like tapping into the reservoir of unlimited energy and extending his love for anything and everyone. As an urban shaman he loves to share his wisdom on topics such as inner alchemy, lucid dreaming and dream interpretation, call and DNA renewal, breath-work, shamanic chakra journeys, Egyptian meditations, cold therapy, and the personal development of love and faith. „Real life begins when you start thinking with your heart“ - Salem Djebali, Co-Founder of GoHappyCoaching.

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We are teachers, healers, djs and musicians. We care and work for the common good.

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