Our offerings vary with every member and season. Check current events or book your individual session below.


Private Yoga Lesson

Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pre- & Postnatal Yoga,  Mantra, Meditation

Every person is unique and so we create bespoke yoga sessions fitted to the needs of each individual body and breath in the inevitable present moment. Learn from certified and experienced teachers who help you expand your knowledge of different techniques and styles to be used for all aspects of holistic living.
Get a personal practice sheet sequence and learn to delve deeper into the self.


Breathing Techniques & Exercises, Breathing Therapy, Pranayama

Breathwork is a special two-step breathing technique which helps us reach a deeper state to our subconsciousness. By changing our breathing pattern we can access emotions stored deeply in the body, such as grief, anger, joy, happiness and shame. This technique helps us accept and release these stored emotions. Conscious and systematic breathing can help us access and reprogram our limitations, beliefs and everything which doesn’t serve our highest purpose.

Mantra Meditation Initiation

3-day meditation course - learn to meditate with your personal mantra.

The positive effects of meditation are expansive. Meditators experience heightened mental functioning, increased energy, happiness, creativity, intelligence, love, bliss and peace. When you meditate regularly, you will become more conscious, more concentrated and healthier on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Learn an easy and direct way to explore the depths of your inner self. The work is inside out!

Theta Healing

2-day workshop to develop intuition through changing brain waves to theta waves.

Theta brain waves have been associated with early stages of sleep, the process of dreaming and deep meditation. In our everyday life we are aware of less than 10% of the beliefs in our subconscious mind. This means that 90% of our life is controlled by our subconscious mind. Using Theta waves, we can change our subconscious beliefs, the way we think, the way we see ourselves and the world around us. With this unique healing technique, we can silence our minds and access our subconscious awareness. By activating our intuitive centers and chakras we can connect ourselves to our innermost source of all energy. Occupy the present. Dig deep. Power up.

Sound Healing

Mantra, Chanting, Vocal Coaching, Voice Empowerment, Sound Bath.

Since the beginning of creation our universe is moving, expanding and vibrating. There is an underlying universal sound: the Hindus call it OM, the Buddhist AUM, the Christians AMEN. This is the basis of Nada Yoga, yoga of sound. As we all have a unique appearance, mindset or fingerprint, we also have our distinctive personal sound which we can use to bring ourselves back into harmony with the natural rhythms. With our sound healing sessions, concerts and workshops you can learn to be a happy healthy vibration in this cosmic symphony.