PopUp Loft for Art and Healing Arts

Join us at this beautiful space full of art and fresh emptiness. We are curating exhibitions, events and ceremonies. Check out the schedule to book your classes!

︎Baumgasse 42, 1030 Vienna. Please contact us, if you are interested in renting space!

Mantra Meditation Initiation

3-day meditation course - learn to meditate with your personal mantra.

The positive effects of meditation are expansive. Meditators experience heightened mental functioning, increased energy, happiness, creativity, intelligence, love, bliss and peace. When you meditate regularly, you will become more conscious, more concentrated and healthier on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Learn an easy and direct way to explore the depths of your inner self. The work is inside out!

13.-15.07. w/ Marta

Image Flow

Create your perfect image – Image Flow helps you to represent your charisma in pictures.

No matter if you are a yoga teacher, healer or business starter/owner - finding your unique selling point and communicating distinctively with your potential clients is what helps to build up a base of people you can practice, work and vibe with. Image Flow offers a coached photoshooting in the beautiful Yogallery to help you express the best side of yourself and create images to delight with.

Om Air Radioshow

Monthly Radioshow, Live on Res.Radio w/ Purusha & Guests

Every first Wednesday of the month, from 6-7 pm we are raising the frequency high with yogic knowledge, ambient music and other healing delights.